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Dredging materials outside of the Netherlands.

For dredged material originating from water bodies outside of the Netherlands to be eligible for storage at “de Slufter” an official application has to be entered that has to comply to the prevailing Acceptance Conditions. These conditions are stated here below. An application can only be accepted if the “Port of Rotterdam” has granted its permission for the storage.


Acceptance Conditions, an application request has to include the following:
- A completed application form
- Results of the laboratory analysis of the taken samples including the soil fractions. The analysis should contain the mandatory parameters stated on the Sluftertest form;
- An accompanying letter from the sediment disposer
- Historic survey / study for the (possible) presence Asbestos
- Measurements for the total volume of contaminated dredged material
- Digital results of the laboratory analysis in csv format
- Map of the project location including the location of the taken samples
- Survey of the water bottom of the project location (in accordance to local standards)

The laboratory analysis will be tested against Dutch standards for disposal of dredged material.

Procedure for ex- and import:
Before the transport of the sediment to “de Slufter” can start, the applicant, called notifier in the procedure, has to submit a notification in accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 to receive the ex- import permits.